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Masonry Restoration
Description: Masonry has typified beauty and strength for thousands of years. The oldest buildings on earth still standing are of stone and brick. In order to keep these buildings safe and beautiful the stone and brick has to be periodically restored. Trust Edifice Masonry for this type of work as it requires an understanding of old techniques as well as new materials. The owner holds an interprovincial red seal in the trade of brick-masonry. This training teaches brickmasons the history and skills required to restore masonry properly.
Masonry Repairs
There are times where an existing structure needs a functional fix rather than a full restoration. Brick, stone and concrete, when used creatively can be a cost-effective, durable solution. Call Edifice Masonry if you aren’t sure how to fix something on your property. There is always solution using masonry but if another material would work better, we will recommend you to a different affiliated tradesperson.


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Embrick Edifice Masonry is a full service masonry contractor based out of downtown Vancouver. We are committed to customer satisfaction, whether it’s masonry art or a functional fix, you won’t be disappointed. No job is too large or too small.

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